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As Founding Partner, Bromberger Law, Allen Bromberger is nationally recognized for his groundbreaking work on the development of non-profit and for-profit legal structures that support the simultaneous pursuit of financial and social goals. Through his 35 years of legal practice, as author of The Art of Social Enterprise, and as a frequent speaker about the intersection of business and philanthropy, Allen has been at the forefront of the fourth sector and social enterprise movements that have risen to prominence in recent years. Allen has just been named North American chapter President of the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL), a global community of legal leaders using their careers to have a positive impact on people and the planet co-founded by Esela, the legal network for social impact, the US-based Benefit Company Bar Association (BCBA), and Latin American network Red Latinoamericana de Abogados de Impacto (RLAI).



  • Serving as outside general counsel and advisor on a wide variety of issues, including corporate ownership, governance, finance, transparency, accountability, intellectual property, and branding

  • Advising on issues relating to stakeholders, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions

  • Creating legally enforceable obligations around mission and embedding those obligations into corporate structures and deal documents

  • Advising charities on the type and scope of commercial activities they can conduct, how they should be structured, and how they can be financed

  • Structuring the legal and financial relationships in “tandem” combined for-profit, non-profit ventures

  • Establishing joint ventures, strategic partnerships and co-ventures between businesses, family offices, funds, investors, and nonprofits

  • Separating non-profit commercial enterprises into for-profit businesses

  • Structuring socially responsible investments, including program-related investments and mission-related investments

  • Setting up benefit corporations, social enterprises, nonprofits, micro-franchises, and their respective operating agreements, filings, and registrations


  • Development of a for-profit socially responsible business that partners with federal programs to hire up to 50% of its workforce from a population of former substance abusers and formerly incarcerated persons, giving a “second chance” to people who are otherwise largely unemployable. The business has been very successful and is now in its third round of financing.

  • Structuring the successful spin-off of a for-profit enterprise by a nonprofit. The parent nonprofit developed medical equipment for use in rural clinics of developing countries. The organization began by selling equipment to foundations who placed the equipment in clinics they were supporting outside of the U.S. However, other markets and customers came forward, and the company needed the freedom to grow independently. After separating from the parent nonprofit, the business has grown successfully, and the profits have been used to support the parent nonprofit’s mission.

  • Structuring a PRI for a private foundation, including term-sheet negotiation. Performing due diligence, drafting deal documents, and all steps to closing - the investment was successfully completed, and the company is growing its impact and finances.


Prior to founding Bromberger Law, Allen was a Partner at Perlman & Perlman for 14 years, and also served as President of Power of Attorney, a private operating foundation in New York City, and Executive Director of Lawyers Alliance for New York, a public interest law firm. From foundations and family offices to funds and entrepreneurs, Allen offers counsel and serves as a trusted advisor and connector for his clients. Allen’s ambition is to build legal support for social benefit that will thrive for years to come. Engage with Allen on LinkedIn or Twitter.


American Sustainable Business Network

Fourth Sector Network

Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers

NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship


University of California/Hastings College of Law, J.D.

University of California/Berkeley, B.A.



New York



The Art of Social Enterprise: Business as if People Mattered

Co-Author, New Society Publishers

A New Kind of Hybrid

Stanford Social Innovation Review

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