Bromberger Law works at the intersection of business and philanthropy, representing companies, investors, foundations, family offices, and organizations in activities that range from charitable to commercial. At the forefront of the fourth sector and social enterprise movements that have risen to prominence in recent years, we advise organizations from inception to exit.



A leader in legal structures for investing for social and financial returns, Bromberger Law brings innovative law solutions for investing in change. A powerful tool for social impact and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Our attorneys are experts in mission-related investments (MRIs) and program-related investments (PRIs), and have developed innovative strategies to enforce legal obligations around mission in transactions. From structuring organizations and writing contracts to supporting employment and trademark law, we represent investors, companies, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations in these matters.


Socially responsible business has evolved; Bromberger Law has been a pioneer in legal solutions so that social enterprises lead the way in benefitting society. We perform cradle-to-grave legal services for businesses that intend to have a social impact alongside their financial success. Doing business law for mission-oriented companies has become a highly specialized niche, so our firm is pleased to guide organizations as they navigate stakeholder relationships, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and more.




Solving the root causes of social problems is not easy – Bromberger Law is well-versed in creating structures that enable the greatest good possible. For decades, our attorneys have supported corporate and family foundations, structuring socially responsible investments to further their charitable missions. We also work with family offices and individuals – from investment management to charitable giving, our firm offers cutting-edge solutions for investing in and donating to values-aligned organizations.



In the world of non-profit, for-profit tandem structures, balancing public and private interest can be a challenge. Bromberger Law’s best practices for contract hybrids became nationally adopted. For ventures that require both for-profit and non-profit components, our documents and help managers navigate non-traditional structures at the intersection of business and philanthropy.



From advising decision-makers on their high-level organizational framework or structuring successful spin-offs, to all aspects of running nonprofits, Bromberger Law supports organizations with tax compliance, governance, best practices, compensation, and employment. We bring an innovative perspective to today’s modern nonprofit with options for engaging commercially and responsibly.