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"Building Purpose into Psychedelic Business" — Join Partner Carly Leinheiser's Panel at DoubleBlind's Virtual "Working in Psychedelics Summit"

PANEL: Building Purpose into Psychedelic Business With Colin Pugh, Carly Leinheiser, and Jon Dennis, moderated by Bennet Zelner

March 31st at 10:55-12:25 pm PT; 1:55-3:25 pm ET

Anyone who runs a business knows: It's challenging. When you're trying to build a purpose-driven business in an economic system that prioritizes profit over purpose, it's even more difficult. One way to try to push back on this and center psychedelic values in business is by adopting a purpose-driven structure for your organization from the get-go—and there are a lot of creative ways to do this, from a public benefit corporation to a steward ownership structure. There are also ways to transition your business—after launching—to center your mission. We cover all this and more.

To name a few, additional inspiring panels include:

  • Legalizing the Underground Market with Nicole Howell, Ophelia Chong, and Brad Bartlett, moderated by Mary Carreon

  • Indigenous Stewardship and Right Relationship with Sutton King, Chenae Bullock, and Joseph Mays, moderated by Lorna Liana

  • Beyond Psychedelics: Addressing the War on Drugs and Criminal Justice with Ariel Clark, Ismail Ali, and Justice Rivera, moderated by Natalie Ginsberg (panel)

View the full agenda and get 10% off tickets with this link or code "CARLY10".

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