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Partner Carly Leinheiser Co-authors "Social Impact Primer" for the Psychedelic Bar Association

As a Founding Member of the Psychedelic Bar Association (PBA), Bromberger Law Partner Carly Leinheiser co-authored the "Social Impact Primer" with Matthew Brockmeier. It is a publication of the Corporate Forms and Business Practices Committee for use by our members, their clients, colleagues, and anyone interested in learning more about ethical business practices and social impact corporate forms and their importance in the commercialization of psychedelics and plant medicines.

From LLCs to PBCs, steward ownership, hybrid structures, and more, we recognize corporate forms enhanced by innovations in aligning profit-making with social purpose will be better for clients, the ecosystem, society, and our chance of surviving on planet Earth. If ever there was a catalyst capable of leading us through a challenging period in civilization and helping us - companies, governments, and citizens - manifest improvements to a flawed economic system, perhaps opening access to psychedelics and their consciousness-expanding potential for all, is one that can.

Learn more about the organization and download the primer:

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