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"Law in the Fourth Sector" on Filevine's Podcast

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Can you really have it all? Can you have a profitable job and live true to your values by making the world a better place? These are some of the questions we address with Filevine. As an attorney for this sector, I believe the answer is yes, and I've built a legal practice on the idea.

In the field of combining non-profit and for-profit legal structures, this means my clients are simultaneously pursuing two goals: financial well-being, and social or environmental well-being. Sometimes, this is called the 4th sector, and in my 35 years of legal practice, it’s moved from a fringe idea to a thriving pillar of our society and our economy.

In addition to practicing law, I co-authored the book “The Art of Social Enterprise: Business As If People Mattered.” I am pleased to discuss my work with Filevine, the skills it requires, and how these same ideals can build legal structures supporting changemakers for years to come.

Read the full blog post with podcast transcript.

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