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"Starting and Growing a Nonprofit" - Allen's Interview on "Law You Should Know" with Kenneth Landau

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Kenneth Landau is host of the unique, informative weekly podcast, "Law You Should Know. Allen joined Kenneth on April 20, 2020, discussing "Starting and Growing a Nonprofit."

From what can listeners do to get their nonprofit off the ground to how a lawyer supports nonprofits who are starting their organizations, and what 1023s are, and more, tune in to hear!

Other questions discussed included:

  1. How long does the 501c3 creation process take, from filing paperwork to being up and running?

  2. How much does it cost to start a nonprofit?

  3. Once these nonprofits are started, what are their ongoing needs from a lawyer?

  4. How are nonprofits funded? Are they always funded by donations? Can they carry out a business?

  5. Where do the “profits” from a nonprofit go?

  6. What laws should people be aware of who are running nonprofits?

  7. Do charities have annual filings? What are they?

  8. What will surprise you about running a nonprofit, from a legal perspective? What is something that most of us don’t know?

  9. Can anyone start a nonprofit? Do you have to be over 18? Or a US citizen? What if you live outside the US?

  10. Do you encourage everyone with a charitable idea to pursue this path?

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